Sarah Grace Dye

I collect objects and ephemera along with a plethora of related stories some true some imagined narrative. My practice is about documenting, recording, collecting and sharing these stories through drawing and creating artist’s books. I love a process especially if that process has some element of surprise in the outcome. I am a lover of ritual particularly when it comes to drinking tea. Through the process and practice of playing I explore these objects and their associated memories. I predominantly work with paper, collage, ink, watercolour and cyanotype but often have a little meander into something else when a project requires it. I travel often to collect ‘stuff’ and feed my ever hungry creative core.

I am a firm believer that everyone has the capacity to be creative and am keen to, wherever possible, provide the catalyst for that to be realised. I believe in the freedom to play and discover ones own marks and am constantly developing this area within my own practice.

I am very proud to be a Yorkshire lass and am based in Frankfurt Germany.

I am also known as The Nomadic northerner

‘It is the essence of life that it does not begin here or end there, or connect a point of origin with a final destination, but rather that it keeps on going, finding a way through the myriad of things that form, persist and break up in its currents. Life, in short, is a movement of opening, not of closure.’

Tim Ingold – Being Alive: Essays on Movement,
Knowledge and Description